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Dental practice "Parodont"

Prim. Mr. sci. Dr. Momcilo Simic - specialists in diseases of the oral cavity and teeth. Working hours: weekdays 09-14 and 17-20 and Saturday 09-14


Dental practice “Parodont” provides services of teeth repair, prosthetics, surgical intervention of the oral cavity, implantation, teeth whitening ...


Visit us in the street in Miloja Pavlović 10/II-3, Kragujevac, or give us a call on the phone 034/333-506 and 034/388-700. (Fax: 034/36-04-36).

Questions and advices

Click here to send us your questions, comments, suggestions ... See also the section with advices and frequently asked questions.


Dental practice “Parodont” proudly presents you its internet presentation where in addition to information about our services you can find various information related to dentistry, advices related to the prevention of dental diseases, professional papers, etc.

Dental practice is equipped with the most advanced equipment and materials produced by world's leading manufacturers. Nevertheless, we tried to adjust prices of our services to our living standards and be more favorable in comparison to the cost of ot dental services in other practices. In addition to basic services in the field of teeth repair, tooth extraction, prosthetics, dental surgery and cosmetic dentistry, we are one of the few dental practices in Serbia, which offers complete services in the field of periodontology and implantology.

Long time experience practicing dentistry of Prim. Mr. sci Dr. Momčilo Simić, enthusiasm of dr. Vladimir Simić and kindness of our staff guarantee you a quality service and painless dental treatments. For more information call us on 034-333-506, 034-388-700, 034-360-436 or come to our clinic in the street Miloja Pavlović 10/II-3, Kragujevac.

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